Positive Dark Suomisaundi with 20 tunes by member of Salakavala.Presenting new dimention of Suomisaundi let all Psy freaks dance!!
Joint release w/Hippie Killer Productions
*Limited edition CD(300 copies), Download

Igor Swamp - Akrabadabra


Groovy, fat and psychedelic massive tunes!!!
Well combined with Suomi / Goa / Forest / Full On / Mid Groove / Experimental flavors under the Malmi style.

*Digital EP (5 tracks)

Discolin - Hercule Roilot


NULLZONE's 10th years anniversary release.
26 hot & freshest Suomisaundi by legendary and new rising artists from all over the world.

*Limited edition CD(300 copies), Download



Special X'mas gift with 6 brand new Suomisaundi in Free Download!!
This release is dedicated to beautiful memories of Japan tour 2017.
*FREE Digital EP (6 tracks)

V​.​A​.​Takamatsu Nightlife


Conceptual album tripping to OUTERZONE, another world that is not here, with jet black psychedelic sound. Including a track of special project "Nevai Brothers" by members of Salakavala & Discolin
*Limited edition CD(300 copies), Download



This very unique and genuine Suomisaundi breaks boundaries of music.
Uplifting, emotive, and dancable!!!

*FREE Digital EP (4 tracks)

Räpylät - Kitchen Nightmares


Scintillating Suomi, foresty and dark flavors rendered clearly for your ears from this new generation of underground psychedelic Suomi trance musicians.
*Limited edition CD(300 copies), Download

V​.​A. Tarina Heräävästä Metsästä


Debut release of the 3rd Gens of Suomisaundi.
Memorial release when these 3 guys visited Japan in 2009.
*FREE Digital album (8 tracks)

V​.​A. HaPpOtSuRuPuLlOhUlLu​!​!​!


The 1st release of NULLZONE where our history began.Given away to visitors for 1st NULLZONE Party in 2007.
Original CDR limited 50.

*FREE Digital album (11 tracks)

V​.​A. Eye Sea Animals

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